Fatty Delicious

Proud, engaging and sexy, she calls herself Fatty Delicious, an artistic nude model that just released her own website to show herself to the world. I recently did an interview with her, she talks about her drive, her big size and her modeling work.

I just visited your site Fatty D and it’s surely something different. What’s your drive to display yourself in such an intimate, but sometimes also provocative, way?
What a wonderful question! I am always very honored when someone wants to work with me. My main goal is to do a good job, and try to be an interesting, honest and real subject. I want to do my part in fulfilling the artist’s vision and making their ideas become a reality.

Why do you think they choose you to be a their model, what do you bring along?
I think they see that I put the art and the image first. They know that I am open to new ideas, trust their vision, and am also comfortable in front of camera. I feel responsible for making an interesting subject and am fearless in attaining that.

Your obviously happy with your big size, couldn’t be much different if you call yourself Fatty Delicious, has that always been the case?
There was a time in my life (when I was younger) that I hated my body and dreamed of being thin. I thought that all my problems would disappear, and I would find happiness in a thinner body. Then, I lost a lot of weight and realized that life doesn’t change when you are skinny. Happiness comes from within. Being comfortable in your own skin, and with who you are inside is very liberating. You have to live your life to the fullest and enjoy your time on earth. Life is too short to have low self esteem.

What was your eye opener? if you want to share it with us.
There wasn’t a specific incident that opened my eyes, I just grew as a person. I had the same exact struggles as a thin person that I had when I was fat. Once I started to gain the weight back, I noticed that it bothered everyone around me much more that it bothered me. At that point, I didn’t care. I was happy inside and that was all that mattered.

Your husband Carlos Batts is an erotic photographer, does he do all your work, or are there other photographers involved as well? Is there any difference in working with your own man or an other photographer?
Carlos and I shot together exclusively for 4 years. Taking pictures has been a constant element in our relationship. No matter what we were going thru we always had our passion to create interesting photos holding us together. I am now working with other photographers such as Dave Naz and George Pitts. Every photographer is very different in the way they give direction and interact with you as a subject. It’s a fun challenge every time.

Can you give me some examples?
For example, a photographer can be very fast and give great direction. You can tell he has a vision and knows exactly how to achieve what he wants. Another photographer will create as he goes along. Like a painting, the scene is lit very carefully and there is great attention given to details such as props, set design and styling. Carlos shoots very fast, and is demanding. He urges the subjects to go beyond their limits of comfort. He expects a lot of participation and doesn’t like lazy subjects. I have learned so much from him, and our photos have remained interesting because of his passion.

Looking at your images you don’t look like the kind of woman that let the photographer take all the artistic decisions, could you shine some light on how things evolve in a photoshoot?
The photographer will usually want to see the clothes and shoes that you have brought with you. Then he will talk about the direction of the photographs and what they will be used for. Once I am in costume and make up and the lights are on, things usually flow very naturally. If I have an idea, I will suggest it. I try to imagine how each part of my body will look in the frame. I am very in tune with my body and know which angles and poses are most flattering in pictures.

Would you do anything in front of a camera? What are your limitations and borders?
I don’t like to think about limitations. I like to deal with situations and opportunities as they arise. I like to see where life takes me. I never want to be old and look back at my life and think “I could’ve…” I want to have plenty of stories to tell my grand children and memories to keep me company when I am older.

What’s the reaction you get on your images from people you know?
When people I know see my pictures, they usually say that I look nice and they’ll comment on the composition of the photo.

The images in the gallery by Carlos Batts.

The website of Fatty Delicious

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