Female Domination

The erotic art of Georgie Tier is fun, naughty and way over the top, but her images have a very personal drawing style and they exist according their own aesthetics. Her ‘stylized comics’ covers the whole area of sexual interaction, with quite some female domination, whipping and humiliation scenes.

The nice thing about her work is that all this naughty play can be experienced with a big smile on your face. Personally, I have the tendency to talk about art and sex rather seriously, I’m not sure if that’s a typical male thing. Maybe it’s just my personal limitation, or maybe it does take a female to shine a more ‘light-hearted light’ on the topic.

I really like the ‘female domination scene’ of the woman with red boots riding a guy, a typical Tier scene, where humor and sexual play come together nicely. Georgie currently has an exhibit at the museum of porn in art, Zurich Switzerland, more details can be found on here website.

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