Flagrante Delicto, Santillo’s new art book

Santillo’s images are not just about displaying the sexual act within a tasteful setting, it’s above all a visualization of the passion involved with it. In his work he’s really exploring the passion from different sides and angles.

A loving Straight couple is photographed just as intense as a gay couple or a group of people. There aren’t many photographers out there that are capable of just that, showing the beauty of sex in all it’s rich diversity.

A large part of his oeuvre has recently been published in ‘Flagrante Delicto’, a delightful erotic journey through an abundant amount of intriguing images. Page after page you watch people in heat, sometimes suggestive, often very explicit. Santillo does not hide, or work around, the more explicit part of the body, however they never take over the image as a whole.

The book itself has a hard cover and is large sized, it has an excellent print quality that displays the images as it should. The sepia coloring, in many of his images, works nicely on the toned white paper. Although the book comes at a hefty price, it’s a must have for people who like Santillo’s work or erotic photography in general.

“In ‘Flagrante Delicto’ Will Santillo masterfully captures the passion of real couples engaging in the most realistic of interactions with hot, but artistic depictions… One can almost smell the essence of sex emanating from the pages”. Quote from Xaviera Hollander, Amsterdam 2008.

The book is available on santillostudio.com and is current being offered for a ‘Holiday Season Special’ price of $125.00+shipping (only until end of this year).

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