Naked People & Vanilla Sex

Images of people having sex, where they exploring their sexuality without boundaries or cultural “idées fixes”. Photographer Michael Rosen is capturing these private moments in an almost documentary style, without loosing the vibrant energy of the people involved.

Sexuality is something quite personal and when it come to sexual preferences there a whole world of sexual behavior just below the surface. A world often hidden from the public eye, where people explore their fantasies and follow their inner drive. Micheal Rosen is revealing this secretive world to us in an elegant and often explicit way, challenging the concept of pornography.

In his impressive oeuvre he shows us naked people, posing alone or as a couple, gender play, from a little dressing-up to transsexuals and couples involved in what he labels “Vanilla sex”. Vanilla sex, according Micheal Rosen, is what we “normally” do or what is considered by the “general public” as normal or standard. However a large part of his work is devoted to the non-standard behavior and these images provide us an intriguing view on human sexuality.

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