Fornigrafias, the Naked world of Martin Toye

Martin Toye is one of my favorite erotic artists. His work has a strong personal expression, with a touch of drama. The beautiful sensual people he uses in his work are not paid models, he uses the people from his hometown.

He picks them right of the streets or arranges sessions. The Venus & Adonis series are created in one of those sessions. Through advertising and other ways of promotion people came to the session and took their clothes of. Martin Told me that there was an unique atmosphere at this session. People were feeling free and the nudity was bounding them. What do you have to hide when you are already totally naked, and everybody else is as well? This unique way of acquiring his models in relation with his pure eye for beauty are makes his work amazing pieces of erotic art.

Martin Toye has just finished a collection called ‘Fornigrafi­as’. The images are suggestive, but never explicit. They have the same strong sensual feel as the previous Venus & Adonis series, but the images are more conceptual, more arranged. It makes the images maybe less spontaneous, but it provides them with a depth I surely can appreciate. Every image in the ‘Fornigrafias’ series is combined with a poem. These erotic poem’s are reflecting or commenting the image and sometimes the poem is even integrated in the photographic scene. Martin was kind enough to provide us with some English translations.

we do forgive. they don’t.
we don’t care
about the silly gap difference
between our ages. they do.
your skin reminds me
of the taste of many others
(and of the nectar of sublime love
in springtime).
my lips radiate experience to yours,
and your lips soak mine
with a sweet forgotten innocence.
we melt into sex
to belong to the ephemeral moment.
sweating into madness,
we dream of and build
hundreds and thousands of worlds
so as to live in each of them intensively,
thinking everything
is falling down to pieces.
who are they to defile?
the altar of our desires?
they just talk.
not stoning us
makes them as sinners as we are.
come and sit down at my right side,
refuge under the heat of my arms
that in yours, my little dear,
in yours I’m eternal.

The website of Martin Toye

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