Geoff Ashley photography

Artist Geoff Ashley is clearly fascinated with the female form, but his images are not those typical ( and often rather serious ) “art nudes”. His work goes beyond the feminine shape alone.

He tries to capture a woman’s personality more then anything else, often in a series of images. Each “collage” of images tells a short story, showing the model from different angles, sometimes complemented with closeups and spherical shots.

The models he works with surely have character, they aren’t just pretty girls chosen for their good looks alone. Geoff gives the women enough space to express themselves, and they are not forced into the artistic concept of the photographer. What I really enjoy in the images of this artist is his spontaneity. Every shoot is different and shows some of the joy both photographer and artist had creating them. There’s room for experiment, spontaneous events are valued and captured.

I can imagine Geoff Ashley’s work doing very well in both the glossy magazines and the art scene. He makes an excellent glamor photographer, that really engages the subject differently. And some of his images are quite poetic, and wouldn’t be misplaced in a gallery. My personal favorite is the image “Ariel X” ( subtitled “Adult Supermodel and closet computer nerd”, first image in the gallery ). I love the alienation that takes place in this double image, besides the lovely nerd on display.

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