Handcuffs : an Erotic Film by Erika Lust

Erika Lust is an erotic film producer, director and the author of the book “Good Porn : a Women’s guide”. She founded Lust Films in 2004 in Barcelona, an independent erotic film production company.

Lust Films produces movies that are very different from your average porn, although they can be just as explicit. In their productions it’s all about the story, the setting and something I would label “sexual tension”. Somehow I’m not surprised that all of their movies are directed by women, which isn’t the same as solely intended for women.

In “normal” porn it’s all about the flesh and I guess most women aren’t really in to that. Sure looking at sex is fine, maybe they can even enjoy things in full glory, but women need more… Lust films fills this gap by embedding sex within engaging stories, by showing sex in an intimate setting. Maybe they even reroute sex to what it should be, a sexual exploration of both the body and the mind.

They just released a short movie titled “Handcuffs” where a woman gets involved with a mysterious couple that’s entering a bar. The female of the couple is handcuffed and suddenly she finds herself caught in this kinky sex play. The movie has a wonderful sensual dark atmosphere, besides some great camera work from Gustavo Lopez Mañas. Good news is that you can watch the movie for free, no strings attached.

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