The erotic story of Achilles

Stories of the Gods, jealousy, betrayal and murder, the Greek mythology is drenched with it, inspiring many artists of all ages to create wonderful things. This erotic story is based on the myth of Achilles, known for his great looks and his love for his friend Patroclus

If these men really had a sexual relationship is still point of discussion, some look at this myth as one of the first homosexual relations described, others see them just as buddies helping each other during the Trojan war. Barry Purves made the story of Achilles one of passion and lust, further expanding the original myth towards the homosexual interpretation.

Purves directed and animated quite a list of movies and commercials, receiving multiple prices and awards for his work. One of the most famous films he worked on, as director of animation, was Mars Attacks, a parody on those simple monster movies of the 50’s and 60’s. Although this film is funny and has an original atmosphere, it lacks the artistic quality his other movies have. The erotic story of Achilles and Patroclus shows Purves at his best, using traditional animation to create a very tense erotic atmosphere and a unique personal style.

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