High Heels

Most often the photographer is the creative brain behind a photoshoot, but sometimes the ego of the model is just as big, or even a little bigger. A model with a bursting energy, lots of character and describing herself as a major nerd with a fetish for high heels, let me introduce Lady Atropos.

The first image I encountered of Lady Atropos was the one one with the gasmask on her head, this picture haunted me for quite a while. It’s frightening and beautiful at the same time and definitely goes beyond the usual fetish images, where gasmasks are involved. And even though I really don’t understand the gasmask fetish thing, I’m so boring, it does have a very strong visual impact and lots of associations attached to it.

But anyway, this image introduced me to her modeling work, and it showed me a very dedicated and expressive person. And while the photographic quality and the artistic approach are mainly the credit of the photographer, the style and expression are definitely hers. Her work is mainly in the fetish and punk scene but she did some glamor photography as well. My personal favorite, besides the one with the gasmask, is where she is lying wounded on the floor with some very dangerous high heels nocking on the door. The website of Lady Atropos

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