Images of Femininity

Angel Rengell & Luccia Lignan, an artist couple from Spain, are not only sharing their lives, but also a passion for eroticism in their art. Both artist are celebrating female sensuality, beauty and sexual expression, but from a different angle.

Angel Rengell’s work is quite romantic, not only in his erotic art, but in his oeuvre in general. His subtle, mainly black and white, drawings show us a dreamlike world with nearly classical female figures. Like in “L’Abandon” where a large moon embraces an aroused woman, or in the drawing “Lolita”, a visual poem about a young girl dreaming. In most of his work touching, playing and feelings, are playing a mayor role, all quite sophisticated and never really naughty.

The work of Luccia displays the feminine side from a more intrinsic perspective, in a way they are psychological portraits, painted expressionistic in bright colors. Her women are looking directly at the viewer, intentionally showing themselves, fully aware of their nakedness and beauty. My personal favorite is “Le Grenier” ( the first painting in the gallery ) where a pink voluptuous woman looks over her shoulder, knowing you are watching her, while she ends her striptease act. I love the slightly exaggeration in both feminine shapes and haircut, and of course the overall sensual atmosphere.


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