Jiri Ruzek

The work of artist Ruzek is a mixture of those “typical” glamor style nudes and something I would label “experimental erotic photography”. Although the first category is not bad in itself, what can be wrong with displaying feminine beauty, by a good photographer?

It’s not something that I get really exited about, from a more artistic perspective.

Jiri Ruzek really starts to shine in his other work, it shows a playful and talented photographer. Capable of merging different layers, ideas, fantasies and feelings in to one single image. Some of them are lighthearted pictures, showing a colorful erotic world. Others are almost frightening fantasies, like in the masked woman series. The scary white mask, together with the saturated coloring, gives these images an unique dark flavor.

For many years the web was flooded with those typical Metart clones. Endless series of softcore pictures of nude woman displaying their wares, on an enormous amount of sites. It’s good to see new site’s emerging that offer more then just some pretty flesh. The work of Ruzek, or the Nena Blue collective, seem to redefine the genre these days. Their mixture of erotica and art is more than just an erotic experience, it triggers your own imagination in more then one way.

The Artist website


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