Kate marshall

“A colorful and humorous reflection on art, fairy tales, porn, stereotypes and being an artist.” A collection of new work and an interview with artist Kate marshall.

How would you personally describe the nature of your art?
A colorful and humorous reflection on art, fairy tales, porn, stereotypes and being an artist.

What artists, art periods, are an inspiration for your own work? And in what way?
My favorite artists are Elizabeth Peyton, Marlene Dumas, Peter Doig, Annie Kevans, Gauguin, Toulouse Lautrec, Stella Vine, Paula Rego and John Currin. Ilove their reinvention of paint, such sensuous and imaginative use of paint. I am a magpie, I raid art and images from popular culture from many different eras. I often like to pick stuff from unfashionable periods. I like the idea of recyling images.

Where are your ideas coming from? Does your work reflect your own erotic fantasies & desires?
They are a reflection of the images that I seem to frequently encounter, often through the internet and even when I was not looking for sexualized images.

What you biggest artistic frustration? Or main struggle in your creation process?
My work is often about the simplicity and sexiness of line and so I work very fast and very definitely, there is no room for reworking or working into a piece, this means that I have a lot of rejects!

Is it easy to find places to display your work? Or is erotic art still somewhat taboo in your country?
So mainstream I do not call myself an erotic artist.

Can you provide a link to a website that you consider a must,an interesting read, or an inspiration for your own work?
This is an interesting article about a favorite painter of mine but I like how the critic regards the use of paint as more sexual than the images of sex.

Gallery Going, by DAVID COHEN

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