Kink & Fetish

Most photographers in this genre don’t grow beyond the “shoot a babe in multiple poses” imagery. If the women on display are nice and the images are revealing enough. It’s suits a purpose I guess, but from a creative perspective it’s rather limited. At first I expected the photography of Nathan Strausse to be more or less the same, but I was wrong, very wrong indeed.

Sure, his work shows women in those “typical” sets of images, but this is where most similarities end. Firstly, the women he chooses to work with have personality, and they are not afraid of playing with the camera, or each other. Secondly, he works with some concepts from the fetish scenery, like bondage and rope work, that really spice up his images. The series he did with rope artist Demon Pierce ( the second image in the gallery ) are a great example of this more kinky chapter in his oeuvre. If the “A little Shibari is always good for the soul ” statement, on his website, is true. I don’t know. But it surely provides an intriguing collection of erotic images.

Artistically his work feels like an ongoing experiment, a play with the visual possibilities of light and composition. In some images this can take over the subject, like in those heavy white series, but it’s often quite subtle and functional. Just providing a special “moody atmosphere” or making parts of the body stand on it’s own.

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