Metallic nude photography

The metallic nudes of Dewayne Flowers have a great visual impact. The metal paint gives the nude models a serene unreal expression and an incredible beauty. The added effect of the bodypaint could easily be seen as kitschy or easy. But if you take a closer look at his photography, and see the intense way the photographer is creating his images you have to agree that the word Kitsch is out of place here.

The intense pose of the nude models, the photographic quality and the the artists search for the right composition and expression takes the erotic art of Dewayne Flowers to a very high artistic level.

Beside his metallic nudes he also works with various other themes in his photography. The angel series for example. Computer manipulated nude angels with a highly dramatical pose. The Pieta called Salvation is one of the best examples of this theme. The classic Pieta pose, with the metallic bodypaint and the beautiful floor reflection makes this a stunning piece of erotic art.

A totally different approach are the drip painting style nudes. The work of Jackson Pollock is not on canvas this time but on the naked flesh of great character nudes. The Blending series like the American flag displayed in this gallery are one of his other erotic art theme’s. The mimicry effect works ok, but it does not have the dramatical intensity as his other series.

I’am really impressed with the erotic art photography of Dewayne Flowers. The work is diverse, the nude models he uses have character and he is really exploring the theme’s he is using. With the sensitive Pieta as my personal favorite.

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