Minx Addiction

Her modeling work gave her the perfect opportunity to explore, and share, her personal sexual fantasies. She works under the fantasy name Minx, continuously feeding us erotic imaginary, ranging from quite romantic & sweet, like in the colorful “flower girl”, to the harsh and disturbing images of the “Addiction” series.

Minx seems perfectly comfortable transforming herself, from the nearly archetypical “Love Goddess” to a desperate and naughty housewife, playing around, high heeled, on the kitchen floor. My personal favorites are definitely the “Dancer series”, an elegant naked ballet ending in some heavy shots of the dancer death. The visual trick of using red wrappings to represent blood, flowing from the model while she dances, is done very subtle, adding just the right touch to an already uncomfortable atmosphere.

Together with the photographer Owen Johnson she started the website Minx Addiction, a site mainly dedicated to Minx’s own modeling work, but it features other models and photographers as well. The collection as a whole is a mixture of fetish and gothic style photography, but more “classical” series, like pinup nudes and vintage are also present. What’s really remarkable about the collection is the tendency to experiment, not only with the scenery itself, but also with artistic and visual possibilities.


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