Nena Blue, an highly erotic experience

When a photographer like Luis Durante asks you to have a look at his new project “Nena Blue” you expect some highly erotic images. It turned out to be not just erotic, or just an other female nude website. Its really different, it’s more an erotic journey, an experience, both artistically and erotically.

The site features the work of some great erotic photographers, all with their own style and theme. But they have one thing in common, pushing the borders of erotica. Providing much more then just the average pretty Girl in a nice picture. Some images are erotic stories, some are morbid “surreal” visual experiments, others are nearly baroque paintings, with many symbolical references. And although the site displays work from many different angles, theres a decent amount of cohesion between the artists. I guess it’s their overall approach of the nude as a medium thats more then just good looking flesh, it’s the nude as a trigger to your own imagination.

Nena Blue is an subscription based website, but their free section is really extensive ( take the Tour from the entrance page ) it shows preview galleries from all photographers contributing to the site.

Images in the gallery are from photographers Luis Durante, EcceHomo and Bessons.


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