Nude Female Studies

Luis Romeu is an artist who lives and works in the beautifully city of Barcelona, Spain. His work contains mostly studies of the Nude in black and white, with a large focus on how the light and shadows work on the human form.

In a way he approaches the female body not so much as a sexual object, although in some images the women have a pose that could be labeled “erotic”, it’s clearly not the main focus of the artist. If you look at the images individually you could say there’s not much storytelling going on, a woman lying on the bed, leaning towards furniture or just a close up of a female back or leg. Like I said quite formal and mostly to be enjoyed from a modernistic point of view.

However, I was quite surprised when I entered his website, where you see all the images as a grid on a white background. Somehow the meaning of the images changes. The women in all those various poses start to get connected to each other and suddenly you see them as one single piece of art. With it’s own meaning, and yes even it’s own story.

I tried to reflect a this idea a little in the compilations in the gallery, to see the full image grid, just visit the artist website.

Artist on Fotoblur


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