Nudes in stereo

The “stereo nudes” of Michel Charles are of an incredible beauty. It shows us subtle, manipulated and colorful images dedicated to the female body. He plays with vague strokes of light and blurriness to make the images both suggestive and playful.

What’s also remarkable about most of his nudes is that he often uses only parts of the body. It gives the images an intense focus and really supplements the erotic character of the photo. It sometimes makes a part of the body experienced as an independent subject. With it’s own sexual expression.

The role of attributes in combination with the models makes the art almost symbolic. What to think of a girl standing against a decaying wall with a gas mask on her head. Or the images of a girl laying on her side in blue bright colors. And the highly suggestive photo of a nude girl with golden ropes between her legs. Every image is sending out a rather personal undefined sexual message. It gives the work of Michel Charles a depth that goes beyond the usual.

The added effects however does not take over the entire character of the photo. It is more an addition to the photo that gives the work of Michel Charles that typical dreamy erotic atmosphere. The techniques he uses for his art are a combination of computer manipulation and old ones like gomme, stenotype and airbrush.

Michel Charles is currently working with stereoscopy in his photography. This rather old way to create 3D effects in images is rediscovered by this artist. The 3D images are displayed on a special website he recently opened called Beautiful Girls in 3D. For the best viewing experience he offers the red and green glasses. Finally you can see the Naked girls posing on your computer screen in real 3D ;-)

Michel Charles art is sometimes strange, and sometimes almost surreal. But his nudes always have the highly erotic touch of this master of manipulation and admirer of the female. Enjoy the free gallery and the girls on display. Continue the story Michel Charles had started yourself, with your own imagination. The way erotic art is supposed to be.


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