The Real Dolls of Low Tek

A woman is baking a few eggs for breakfast, she looks emotionless, all dressed with heavy makeup and wearing a pink fluffy Babydoll. One of those typical short stories photographer Rick Merced, alias Low Tek, displays in his “doll series”. The model in these images has lost her individuality, she’s there to play with, replaceable when she’s broken.

For someone who’s professionally involved with fashion and glamour photography these “Doll series” are even more remarkable. Normally it’s the photographers task to display the models wonderful looks, to capture a certain style, maybe even just display the cloths she’s wearing. To transform the model in a more ore less replaceable sex doll, gives an interesting comment on fashion modeling and softcore nude photography.

You could also look at these images from a more social perspective, the role women have in our society, or maybe even feminine archetypes. From this angle his work reminds me of the art of Cindy Sherman, who’s main subject is to display a woman’s role in our culture ( the archetypal housewife, the prostitute, the woman in distress, the sensitive woman in tears ). Sherman’s images often loose there erotic tension, it often feels like a pure registration of a fictive event, Rick Merced clearly maintains a certain level of sensuality in his work.

Besides his free work Rick Merced is also involved in commission works, regular model shoots and graphic design. In august 2000 he co-founded Jive magazine, where he’s responsible for all art and photography projects. The gallery shows some of his other series as well, the dolls are just a part of his portfolio.

Low Tek Website

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