Real people & Strange love

Real people in unreal situations, weaving their mind nibbling little stories. The “Strange Love collection” of Jai Lennard is an intriguing comment on our urban western society, where people live their kinky lives, but fail to enjoy it.

In Lennard’s work we see people posing, nothing spontaneous, or unintended interaction going on. Every detail is carefully setup, contributing it’s part to the erotic story or the visual impact of the image as a whole. From there he triggers your own imagination, feeding your brain with unexpected connections, wonderful twists and a bizarre sense of humor.

I just love the way he refers to sexual interaction, or erotic tension, while displaying the people inactive, bored with themselves, their lives and each other. Like in the image of a big guy with beard, staring at you, he has just been feeding himself with chocolate, from the toes of his woman. But it did not arouse him, or made their sex life any better, it was just what it was, a feeding session resulting in nothing.

Can’t help thinking about the “Seven Deadly Sins” where Gluttony, greed and lust are leading to damnation, and this is not the only image that refers to these Christian basics of human morality. Although none of his images can be seen as an allegorical representation literally, he uses these human drives anyway, they are part of what we are and Lennard just brings it on stage.

Jai Lennard photography : Strange Love

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