Redlight Center, online sex game

RedLight Center is just like many other online games, or virtual worlds, in a constant state of development. New free features are regularly added, content is expanded and performance of the engine improved. My last visit to this online sex game was about a year ago, and I must say the improvements and the new content are impressive.

What’s RedLight Center?
It’s basically an online adult playground where anything goes. It’s a place to meet people, have a chat, dance in a club or try your luck at the casino. You can also watch porn movies, listen to the radio or check in to a virtual hotel. But above all it’s a place to have interactive sex, with other players or special bots. There are no limits when it comes to sexual preferences, straight or gay, couples, groupsex or quite heavy bondage and BDSM. RedLight Center provides the freedom and the environment to explore sex, in all its variations.

What’s new?
The first thing that’s really improved is the way you can customize your character, your avatar. When I first entered the game, a year ago, most people looked more or less the same. Now you can really change the way your character looks, you can adjust almost anything, like race, gender, face, body height etc… You can change your appearance anytime and as often as you like. There are many new areas added, new shops, the casino (not fully functional yet ), bars and one of my own favorite places the Lapdance bar. Last week the special Lovechess temple was opened, with some nice Egyptian architecture, info and images of the game. Hopefully in the near future it will be possible to actually play kinky chess inside the game world.

An other thing that’s clearly noticeable is the amount of active players. Everywhere you go there are people to interact with, they currently have a player base of 250.000 people and that’s really an impressive amount. To keep the amount of players in one area at an acceptable level, they introduced “dimensions”. Dimensions are like instances of the same room, with a maximum amount of players that can join. This keeps things running smoothly even at peek hours.

The future of RedLight center
They have many ideas and plans to improve the gaming experience, new rooms and features will be added on a regular basis. They are planning a currency system, called rays, and are working on an improved graphical engine. In my opinion RedLight Center is here to stay, it’s a fun environment to interact, or have virtual sex, with other people and it’s highly addictive. Entering and exploring the world is free (you can download a free demo of the game) to enter the more special places en engage in the real stuff, you need to upgrade to a VIP account for a monthly fee.

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