Virtual sex in 3D Sex Games

3D Sex Games, also known under their main title’s name “3D Sexvilla 2”, changed the focus of their game ( with their latest update ) towards user created content. The game already had an abundant amount of content and customization options for the character models.

Now it’s time to let the players fully animate and customize the virtual sex and the character movement. The game provides a full keyframed animation and posing system with easy to use sliders and ingame 3D controls. It also lets you import poses and animations from third party programs like Poser and Daz3D. The cheer amount of animation options is really overwhelming, you can animate the facial expression, hands and body in a solo, couple or trio setup. So if you ever wanted to create your own virtual sex, you now have all the tools you need.

The idea to shift away from provided content towards user created content is not new, games like Second Life are doing this already for years. However, the creation of your own content in an adult game is new and gives the game great replay value. I’m also impressed how they made something quite complex like keyframe animation, accessible for a wide audience. The end result of these 3D sex animations will largely depend on the players own creativity and patience, but the tools to make it look good are surely there.

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