Russian Nudes

The last couple of years Russian erotic photography is spreading all over the Internet. There is a tendency towards plain nude photography. No special effects, stories etc… just nudes. They prefer a rather classic approach of the photographic proses, no fancy digital image manipulation, just the good old darkroom.

Besides these more usual erotic art, there are some artists emerging from this large crowd of photographers that are working on interesting experimental concepts. Artists that are searching for an individual expression trough their work. These artists as well are using old style techniques to create their images. And this creation proses is still visible in the final work. It provides these images with a special intrinsic beauty some of our western photographers have lost.

The artist Germina is one of these artist in search for expression. She uses Gothic, bodypaint and bondage aspects in her work and merges them into one scene. The nude puppet series are maybe the most remarkable ones. They have a strong dark feel to them.

The website with erotic art of Germina


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