Art directors are using sex to sell their wares in commercials and advertisement from day one, so that’s nothing new. But a company called Ola is trying to reinvent the sex sells idea in a more sensual, artistic way.

The company has released a commercial to promote their Magnum icecream productline called ‘Senses’. The commercial is an intriguing mixture of messing with all kind of sweet liquids on bodyparts, kissing and licking on icecream and each other.

Personally, I don’t have a messing and playing with food fetish, and I don’t even like the magnum senses icecream, but the commercial looks great. I’m not sure if the campaign of senses is worldwide, but I found the commercial on a dutch website.

For all the people that don’t understand dutch, just click on the small icon next to the text ‘BEKIJK HET SPOTJE’.

The commercial ‘Senses’

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