Sex and intimacy

While most erotic photographers seem to avoid the act of sex itself in their work, mainly because they want to keep their distance to porn, or to make their work a more intellectual experience. This photographer is not afraid to display the whole story, from the teasing and undressing part, to some quite heavy sex scenes.

Let me introduce the work of Keith Banham, a photographer from New Zealand.

Keith Banham about his work:

“My aim is to express my inner visions of sex and intimacy through my art. Whether that be a couple making love in front of me or a young girl exposing her sex to me, a certain look and feel, a orgasm shared, a erotic act shared with the public for the first time, all these things are highly erotic in themselves and for all participating in the experience, including you, the viewer. My erotic visions are as boundless as the subject of sex itself and therefore has become a timeless exploration and interpretation for myself and my audience. Don’t just look at my images, immerse yourself into the scene. Be the photographer, the artist; be the characters, feel the emotions for each, imagine the smells and the tastes for yourself. Join me!”

The work of Keith Banham goes beyond the usual nudes, or erotic imaginary, his work shows sex, in all it’s glory. The issue “this is porn not art” come up every time I display work, or link to a site, that shows explicit sex scenes. That’s why I want to share some of my thought about it. I would consider the whole porn or art thing a rather pointless discussion, but I also know that many of the artists and visitors of the Art of Love think differently about this subject. As long as the photographer is searching for more then just the display of “the flesh”, tries to visualize a feeling, approaches the subject with respect and a decent artistic quality, I’m perfectly satisfied with it. To maintain the atmosphere on our site, and respect the ones that disagree with me, I limited the images in the gallery to the more “softcore” ones. You can view the more explicit work on Keith’s own site, galleries 3 and up.

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