Sex Parties Paris Style

These sex parties have their origin in the Paris of Gyula Halász, alias Brassai, in the thirties of the past century. A period we remember as the ‘bordello years’, before France declared them illegal like most other countries. However, they didn’t stop, they just went underground.

Today, these Bordellos ( I guess we call them swinger clubs these days ) can be found in most cities, and photographer Steve ( he uses the alias Steve DT ) uses them to create these series of images. For me they are nearly a documentary style photography, but they stand on their own artistically as well.

Steve told me a little about his work: “The images here could be from anywhere, but they are current. Passion, sex and joy, people wrapped around each other for a few hours, with reality held fast on the other side of the door”. “The photographic effects in the images have been produced by camera, and represent the passionate atmosphere enjoyed by all”.

Steve has a large collection of these “Sex party” images on his website, together with some other erotic work.

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