The Sex Stories of Anna & Barney

They tell amazing sex stories filled with lust and endless passion, the duo Anna & Barney share their erotic fantasies and express their joy in sex and life trough their work. The images are an overwhelming journey through various locations, strange, sometimes even morbid fetishes, and the beauty of sexual expression.

Sex Stories called ‘The Smoking Room’ & ‘First Dinner’
Most of their work is created around a certain theme, like ‘The First Dinner’ or ‘The Smoking Room’, but sometimes a location can be the starting point of a story as well, a public toilet in Paris for example. It seems to me that they start out with an idea, select a group of people and let the story develop from there in a rather spontaneous way.

My favorite sex stories are ‘Footloose’, only legs with nylons and high heels, and the one I mentioned before ‘First Dinner’. The playing with food, the humor and the twisted scenery are making this story quite an experience. All captured with a keen eye for drama, a clear formal quality and the humoristic touch of the master.

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