Surreal digital art & Modern Shunga

Intense emotions captured in a single frame of time, strange creatures sneaking around with breasts emerging from their back. The digital art of the Italian artist Japi Honoo seems like a continuation of the ideas of our grandfather of surrealism Salvador Dali.

In fact looking at her work I guess Dali would feel jealous about the endless possibilities the digital media are providing.

Symbolic images of the impossible and multiple directions in every piece of digital art she is creating, Honoo reflects, amazes and her images are a feast for both the mind and eye.

But lets not forget her other work, it comes from the same source, but the appearance is totally different, her Shunga style erotic art. These images are clearly inspired by the traditional erotic art of Japan, the same linear and decorative style, even Geisha’s and Crane birds. But she takes the traditional Shunga one step further, she translates them to reflect her own surreal ideas.

The digital art of Japi Honoo

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