Taboos? or The Gap in our Culture

A creator of erotic worlds, sometimes sinister often of an incredible beauty. Manuel Laval’s visionary approach of sexual interactions without limits, even without the the rules of our natural world, is an unbelievable experience.

The concept of his work, if that would be something to capture in a few words, is based up on the taboo we have for the explicit usage of genitalia in art and movies. He refers to this as the Gap in our culture. A society that is based on partnerships and sexuality but that is afraid of showing it in an explicit way. In his work he is trying to do the opposite. In his work you will be confronted with with images of vagina’s and penises in the most direct way you can imagine.

You could think, well I have seen lots of explicit porn pictures and movies. What’s the difference? Well I would think of porn as a fast, easy and repetitive sexual experience. Kind of eating a hamburger at one of our beloved food chains. Nice, nothing wrong with, but digested in 5 minutes. This is really something different, to stay on the food side, more of eating in a new undiscovered restaurant. The food on your plate looks familiar but the taste is different, every time you take a bite.

The images here, especially in the movies, burn in to your head. They make you feel a voyeur, they take you on the strangest erotic journey of your life. And I can not point to it enough if I say, hang on and enjoy the ride.

Manuel Laval Website

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