The Art of Francesco D’Isa

Francesco D’Isa depicts his surreal imagery of women using photographic manipulation, stylized black and white line drawings, and layering of colors and textures. His images are haunting- particularly in those where the figures stare out at the viewer.

There is something unsettling about these disjointed and distorted women, and yet it is also something strangely appealing.

In particular I am drawn to the images where the nude women seem to be literally peeling apart- flesh splitting or unzipping to reveal a glimpse of something alien underneath. I also like the photographic manipulations of the female body- which become alternately alien or almost doll-like in their expression.

Although the word of D’Isa is erotic in its expression, it would be hard to call it specifically sexual. The women he depicts seem oddly isolated and somehow unapproachable. But perhaps it is this very distance that generates the great attraction; the desire to get closer, to understand, to experience. D’Isa has many more works on his site exploring his various contortions and fantastical ideas. If you like the gallery below, be sure to check it out.

Article by Kayla

Artist website

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