The beautiful women of Berkowitz

His beautiful women, all dressed up in handmade costumes and jewelry, reveal themselves in a lush decor, inspired by 19th century French postcards. This theatrical setting, rich in texture and decorative elements, are giving his work that typical vintage look.

Photographer Michael Berkowitz created this amazing collection of images, he recently even extended his ‘retro concept’ with nude men and mature women.

Berkowitz’s work has a very personal style and atmosphere, his models are not mainstream, and although most will find it erotically charged, it’s not something that will appeal to everyone. But I guess that’s also his strength, he follows his personal taste, and plays within the aesthetic borders he created himself. Sure, his work is inspired by those early pinups, but he isn’t copying it, it’s more a reinvention of that secretive and sensual concept.

My personal favorites are the “black woman with feather” series. These images show us Berkowitz’s work in optima forma, with delicate texturing and jewelry. The lovely woman on display is sensual and exotic, expressing her sexuality without showing to much of her body.

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