The beautiful women of Timothy Hughes

His work is not only a tribute to beautiful women, their dignity and strength, it’s also a balancing act between the model, his artistic concept and photographical possibilities. Every image is carefully composed, every aspect is weighted, to achieve his idea of perfection, in both style and erotic expression.

His work is obviously influenced by fashion photography, the poses of the models, the whole scenery and style have this ‘fashion’ atmosphere. Only this time the women do not wear designer cloths, they wear fetish outfits, and present mainly their own beauty.

Currently there seems to be a tendency towards spontaneous ‘real life’ photography, the artists expression and the artistic experiment are the key factors here. I don’t say that’s not a good thing, or that this approach can’t lead to beautiful work. However, I must say it’s quite refreshing to look at Hughes’s work, where all the aspects are planned and worked out decently.

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