The erotic art of Francois Dubeau

He captures a woman’s body with just a few black lines, exaggerating her pose and feminine shape. His minimalistic drawings are graphically strong, and his approach of the nude is quite refreshing, the erotic art of Francois Dubeau.

What makes his drawings interesting is the usage of the “Less is More” concept, often resulting in decent but boring art ( many artists and art critics will disagree with me on this one ), along with a rich decorative drawing style. This gives his images just the amount of dualism to make them visually appealing.

These kinds of drawings, originally inspired by Chinese calligraphy, are depending heavily on the beauty of the “handwriting” of an artist. When you use just a few lines, every line becomes very important, and should contribute to the image as a whole. Don’t let the fast and empty look fool you, making such a drawing is not easy, or simple. It takes many attempts, a lot of practice and a talented artist, to produce them.


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