The Erotic Drawings of Dirk Westphal

The erotic art of Dirk Westphal will appeal to a large audience, his work is detailed, shows accessible scenery and is near technical perfection. This doesn’t mean his work is superficial. It’s quite layered and some images, especially his drawn collages, are revealing eroticism from a very personal perspective.

Dirk Westphal’s art shows two different directions. One is obviously inspired by “old school” pinups, with some kinky or twisted elements added. Like the image of a black woman dressed up in latex coat. Or the wonderful drawing of a tattooed woman posing on a silk bed. Both images clearly show the technical skill of the artist, but they are also rather one-dimensional. The images are created to show a women in an erotic setting, nothing more, nothing less.

The other direction in his work is best described as erotic dreams, or even surreal art. In these images he combines things, and merges their meaning. His collages are the most clear example of this. When you look at the different parts of the drawing you see sensual poses, a tongue licking, but also floral parts or shells. Their shape clearly referring to a woman’s breast, or a male’s penis. These drawings are pretty much about sex, physical attraction, without showing it. The artists just provides a set of references or sexual icons and expects the viewer to continue the erotic journey themselves.

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