The Erotic Fetish Art of Tracie

Tracie is a self taught artist who has the benefit of a passion for her work, and a host of friends and acquaintances to provide her inspiration. Tracie’s passion for art is not just for erotic art, but of course that is what brought her to my attention.

Her erotic art shows a diversity of subjects- both male and female, and frequently involves elements of kink and fetish. I like that her work is not always completely polished or formal. There is something very accessible about Tracie’s work. You can really get a sense of the artist in the strokes of the pencil or the paintbrush. In this sense, the art is just as much about the intensity of the passion of the artist as it is about the subjects.

I like the explorations of fetish in the work just as much as I enjoy the explorations of fantasy. There is something almost romantic about a lot of the pieces. They are not just physical studies; many of the pieces seem emotive to me, conveying a sense of calm, of passion, of love, and of expectation.

Article by Kayla

Artist website

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