The Erotic Scale Models of Peter Keresztury

Peter Keresztury is starting off on a project to create detailed scale models of his erotic imaginings. He is working with two different concepts- in one he recreates female figures in erotic configurations out of fiberglass at a 50% scale, and in the other he recreates specific body sections in bonded stone or metal.

The fiberglass figures are the ones I find the most interesting. Earlier this year I was able to see the Murakami exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum which included his own manga inspired larger than life fiberglass creations. Keresztury’s work reminded me in some ways of this portion of the exhibit, or of the popular Japanese miniature figurines you come across. While he is focused on trying to capture the realism of the figures he depicts, there is still something about the hard shininess and frozen stiffness of the fiberglass sculptures that is anything but human. This is particularly emphasized by Keresztury’s first model of the ‘Womantaur’ which while modeled on a real person, is quite obviously, anything but realistic.

Keresztury says in his upcoming figures there will be different configurations of girls with other girls, girls and toys, and a girl with tentacles surrounding her (again referencing the Japanese influence). I look forward to seeing his new creations- and if anything I hope that as he grows into the medium, he continues on his more creative or ‘unrealistic’ paths. After all, that’s the beauty of this type of work- with the right skill, you can create whatever it is you can imagine.

Article by Kayla

The Artist website

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