The esoteric erotic art of Orryelle

A couple on fire, engaged in a whirling sexual encounter, a frightening image of the God Shiva masturbating, with her multiple hands, captured in ice. Surreal, sometimes disturbing, images of a dream like erotic world, full of spiritual and religious references. Her erotic art is not just about encounters of the flesh, it visualizes the interaction between the “inner” (esoteric) side and the physical body and it’s sexual expression.

On her website: “But Orryelle depicts more than just the outer forms in their interactions – hir images show the inner kundalini fire which inspires such activity, and the spirits and phantasms which may emanate from there. This esoterotic Art is about the inter-play between the flesh and the spirit.”

Her art reminds me of the work of William Blake, both thematically and visually, but Orryelle’s art is more sexually charged and playful. Sure, William Blake’s art comes from an other era, is based on an other pantheon, but it has the same intensity, and visual appeal.

Personally I prefer her drawings, I love the way she uses line and texture, together with her virtuous drawing style. I also like the dual images of the hand and bodies, photomontages and clay sculptures. The paintings are generally a bit repetitive, things start to shine they are combined with drawings or pictures in an assemblage, like in “Gaia Shifts her Ass” an homage to Salvador Dali.


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