The future of Red Light Center, an update!

Red light Center, developed and published by Utherverse, is a mixture of an online virtual world, a porn game and a social platform for adults. An interview with one of it’s developers, Zak Zarry.

Red Light Center is not just a game, it’s also a social system, can you explain how this works?
Of course. Red Light Center is massively multiplayer adult virtual world that allows its users to interact in a 3D environment. Users can chat, party, date and even “hookup” sexually with each other. Each member can also create a web profile for themselves where they can add photos, blogs, send messages and search profiles with other members. Users interact both on the social center and within the 3D world by attending virtual events such as concerts, movies, dancing or hitting a nightclub.

In a way Red Light Center reminds me of Secondlife, this game
( although the word “game” is a little strange for Secondlife ) has adult parts too. What’s the main difference?

One of the main differences between our world and what “Second Life” has to offer is that we focus on the adult and entertainment features more to a greater extent. This enhances the social experiences that our members have together and it builds a close community. Second Life seems so “business and serious” orientated while Red Light Center is definately where all the fun is at!

The main focus of Red Light Center is sexual interaction, but the game has other things to do as well?
Yes, the game allows users to customize their avatars, apartments, to rent virtual property, dance, attend weddings, party, sell products and much more. We find many people use Red Light Center for various reasons. Some are definatelty looking to 3D date or to explore their sexuality. Others just use it to socialize, to work in or to network. There seems to be something for everyone inside the site.

The games graphical engine seems a little outdated, any plans for an overhaul?
Yes, were always looking to improve things and will constantly be developing through upgrades. Red Light Center has always tried to cater to as many people as we could, not just to those with high-end and expensive machines. This required us to start off by using a graphics engine that had a lower output.

The Game world is big enough for it’s function, meeting people and going to places. However will the game world grow? will there be new parts to explore?
The world is constantly growing as we continue to add new art, regions and virtual space to it. Our aim is to try and update the world every few weeks by adding features and new places to explore. Our development teams work on the game, the art and the social center all at the same time. It’s funny, but we actually have an issue keeping a “virtual map” updated due to our constant growth.

Over time there have been tons of character modification options, like clothing, tattoos etc.. Any new developments on this part of the game?
Users can customize their avatar in many ways including facial features, race, underwear, outfits, piercings, tattoo’s and costumes. We will be looking to add more options later this year. There are thousands of possible combinations to use when creating your avatar in Red Light Center.

How many active subscribers are the there? When I log on there are usually enough people to interact with, any numbers?
Sure, I’ll toss some numbers your way. We have around 3 million registered accounts with around 400,000 being active within the last month or so. At any given time, there are between 10,000-15,000 members using our network. This means there is always something happening to check out and its never boring.

What are the plans for Red Light Center in the near future?
Red Light Center is just one virtual worlds that Utherverse has created. There are already other virtual worlds developed that are also connected. I would expect to see many more of these virtual worlds in the near future as we expand. I can say that we have some exciting releases planned for this year and they will be awesome.

Creating an account is free, with this free account you can enter the world and give it a try.

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