The invisible Side

In the art of Kevin Rolly we are witnessing a search for the invisible, spiritual side of our human existence. In his work nudity is not used in a sexual manner, it’s used to visualize that our naked body is just the temporary home of the energies we are made of.

From 1994 he developed a personal technique called Oilgraphing, a mixture of photography and painting with oil mediums. This technique originally came from those early days when there was no color photography, just black and white. To achieve a more realistic effect some of these early black and white prints were colored by hand. Rolly uses this blending technique not to create a more realistic image, but to vitalize and energize his images. In a way Kevin Rolly’s technique and thematical concept is inseparable, they both are contributing equally to his art.

Besides his ‘Oilgraphs’ there are also some beautiful portraits present in his oeuvre. In a way they are thematically connected to his other work, only this time the expression comes from more traditional methods, like composition and light.

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