The Naked Women of Spain : Fran Garcia

Some marvelous images of sexy women from Spain, posing naked in front of Fran Garcia’s camera. Most pictures are those typical glamorous pinups, a girl posing at the beach, or a striptease act on a chair. But in some of the photographs things go beyond the regular nudes imagery, a small story is added or an interesting play with light, shadows and colors is shown.

Fran Garcia is a self-taught photographer and although the subject ( the glamorous “playboy” kind a thing ) is often used, by many photographers, Fran’s images do have their own style. I really enjoy the extra atmosphere that is provided, sometimes it’s just the setting, or a subtle play with composition. But Fran achieves to boost the sexiness of the women on display in all the pictures.

I’m quite sure Fran’s work will find it’s way to the established erotic nudes channels, Like Met-art, Playboy and Maxim, it surely has the quality for it. Personally, I would love to see the work develop in the direction of the second image in the gallery. An amazing piece where atmosphere, photographic skills and a lovely woman come together.


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