The nude photography of Thomas Hodges

His nude photography is rather experimental, not directly with the model, but more with the formal aspects of the image, the light, movement and composition. Especially his playing with movement gives his images a very intense atmosphere, covering the plain nudity of the woman, replacing it with suspense and sensuality.

He basically does the same thing with light, even when full frontal nudity is shown, Hodges covers the naked body with it, making the sensual shape of the woman stand out. This way he avoids getting to close to the flesh itself, and let us experience the beauty of a woman as a whole.

My personal favourite is the image of a woman sitting in front of a window (first image in the gallery). In this image the light, pose and static composition are making this woman almost surreal, like a manifestation in a dream, or even more lyrical, a gift from heaven…


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