The Nude Theatre, photography of Ivanovski

The photography of Victor Ivanovski has a very personal poetic style, sometimes highly erotic, but always drenched in humor or even sarcasm. His work confronts us with ourselves in our attempt to explore sexuality and pleasure. Most artists have the tendency to display human desire rather seriously, it’s quite refreshing to experience a different approach.

His photography is artistically rather traditional. Mainly clean black & white images, with uniform light and frontal compositions. This way all the attention goes to the people on display, the things they do, or sometimes just the shape of the body. The work of Ivanovski clearly shows that traditional photography is not death, that it takes skills to take a decent picture, and imagination to create art. I know it sounds like an obvious statement, but this kind of photography is getting scarce, and in my opinion it should be valued more.

My personal favorites are the images from the Boudoir stories. They are presented like an interactive book and it contains photographs from 2000 to 2005. It’s shows people on stage, doing all kinds of sexual ( or non-sexual ) related things, often commented by a simple title, revealing new or hidden meanings. I just love this concept, it’s simplicity and voyeuristic feeling, besides the hilarious and sexy things people do behind those curtains. The “man with dog” series are also worth mentioning, the alienated contrast between the nude male and that strange looking dog, resulted in some really weird, and wonderful, images.


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