The poetic Art of Dorette Kruger

Female artist Dorette Kruger visualizes emotions of pain, lust, hate and fear in her wonderful poetic photography. Her work is not solely erotic, however passion plays a major role in most of her art.

Dorette Kruger about her work:

“My work is born from emotions I go through daily. I like to compare it to a poet’s writings where pen and paper is used to convey emotions of pain, love, fear, hate lust. I use my camera to write emotions with light”.

“Concept work makes me tick. There is nothing I love more than taking an emotion, a feeling, a situation, and forming it into a 2D visual. I am inspired by life, whether it is the hard bitter sad times that form us and makes us stronger, or the spiritual journeys that make us grow and blossom”.

“Mostly I portray my work in black and white because of its strong emotional emphasis, I feel that if unnecessary colour is added, it distracts from the core meaning. When I do add colour it is usually reds because of its dual nature – it is warm and inviting at times but can just as easily be alarming and urgent. I love the human form, and always use that as subject when creating a poetic piece. I keep the images as real as possible – very little photo editing is applied, but when it is, it is only done to enhance the message of the photograph”.


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