The pure joy of sex : Dudley Gifford

A collection of intriguing erotic art, created by artist Dudley Gifford. His drawings are filled with passion, humor and lust, displaying the pure Joy of sex. His Son, Dana Gifford, is working on a book, to publish the work of his late father. A few snippets from the manuscript:

“I had become curious about what Dudley was always working on in addition to the assembly line art, so I peeked under the partially completed cell art. Sure enough, under the illustration for HEW, there was a delicately rendered pencil drawing of a couple having wild sex in a wheel barrow or something! I put everything back and I never looked again (my god, I didn’t want him to catch me!) but I had figured out how Dudley spent much of his time!”

“Between Dad’s drawings and the Joy of Sex, I developed an appreciation of drawn erotica at an early age. Sometime around sixth grade I read a list of the top 10 sex positions in (as I remember) The World Almanac for that year. I made a small booklet titled, “How To Do It.” It was 10 pages long (sort of my own Tijuana Bible, even though at that time I didn’t know what one was), each page featuring one of the positions from the list. It was real simple, just stick figures. Figure drawing has never been one of my strong points.”

It’s wonderful that Dudley Gifford’s son is creating this tribute to his fathers work, it’s definitely worth it. Soon I will publish some more images of his work, and a more in depth article, here on the Art of Love, so stay tuned!

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