The Sensual Geisha

I’m following photographer Lon Casler Bixby’s work for quite some time now. And witnessed his work develop from those typical rough “black & white” nudes towards the more delicate and balanced, almost glamorous, images.

However his last series of images, the Geisha series, bring his work to a whole new artistic level. They are less spontaneous (something I always adored in his early work) and less “in your face”, but the way he revives this classical theme is simply amazing. The Geisha series are not intended to be erotic in a direct manner, although some of the images are clearly related to his former work thats clearly more sexual. The images do however have this sensual touch to them, with some quite kinky fetish clothing to rebuild the Geisha theme.

One of the things that also should be mentioned here is the makeup artist Justefanie who created those wonderful surreal faces, they are almost an artwork in itself.

I’m curious how his work will develop from here, I wouldn’t mind if it would include some of the more explicit nudes we know from his previous work. I can imagine the heavy coloring and structures doing great with the soft round form of a woman’s body. But maybe Lon is right to keep it this way, and leave the rest to your own imagination.

The gallery shows a few images from his “Red Series” as a reference to his other work.

The Artist website

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