The sexy photography of Justice Howard

Erotic art photographer Justice Howard’s collection of delightful imagery continues to grow at an amazing speed. At this point her work has been published and/or shown in over 25 countries and she continues to iron out her spot among the top erotic photographers in the world.

She combines a glamorous style with a kinky, sometimes wicked and humorous approach. Her work is quite divers, however there’s always this typical “Howard touch” that can be recognized from miles away. When an artist is as productive as Justice it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all these different images and sceneries. So I asked Justice to select a couple of images and tell us something about them. Which image tells a personal story, what is her personal favorite? The answers give a small glimpse behind an image and why it looks the way it does. “This image here is one of my faves that I have shot recently. Its just so clean and also edgy and sexy and her tats are really smoking! I was really disappointed that no one purchased it at my last gallery show as I thought it was going to be placed somewhere and that it would get a good home, as I really love this image.” This second image is probably the most favorite model I have had in the past two or three years. This is Greg Plitt , the Calvin Klein OBSCESSION model and also the Thierry Mugler ANGEL FOR MEN model. He’s on over 50 covers of Muscle & Fitness , he’s always on Conan O Brien and Access Hollywood so you have no doubt seen him around. He was remarkable to work with and I cant wait til we do something again.

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