Vulva sculptures

These small wooden sculptures provide more then just an erotic viewing experience, they are actually smoking pipes created by the artist Billy Pacak. To use a woman’s vulva for this function is in a way quite hilarious, but the dedicated carving, the overall shape and coloring are lifting it beyond the “gimmick” level.

When you don’t realise it’s a pipe, they are just esthetical objects, alienated pieces extracted from a woman’s body. But when they are actually used, for smoking, the wooden coloring changes, becomes more diffuse and layered. Can’t help wondering who would buy such a pipe and actually use it. I imagine myself lighting one, after a nice diner with friends, would love to see those faces. I guess most people buy such an object for decoration purposes and in that function it would draw quite some attention as well.

One of the wooden sculptures called “Adam and Eve” is published recently in the book “The world greatest Erotic Art of Today” by Erotic Signature. Erotic signature is an international erotic art competition project.


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