Women on display, the idées fixes of Franck

The photographic collages of Peter Franck are connecting known imagery from advertisement, movies and everyday life, with sexual stereotypes and sensual pinups.

The result is ongoing exploration of cultural “idées fixes”, erotic feelings and general human behavior. With a strong focus on how we see and value women.

Peter Franck is in no way a moralist, he’s more a collector of the concepts we have about women, visualizing the almost absurd way we display them in porn or those typical sleazy mags. The way he connects these concepts with other images ( which sometimes feel random, but often continue the story in one way or an other ) is amazingly virtuous and often humorous.

In the end it’s up to the viewer to decide how they interpret the images of Peter Franck, are they offensive towards women? Are they erotic or maybe even pornographic? Or are they just the product of a men’s mind in overdrive? Remember though that the work of Peter Franck is just as much about the women on display as it is about you, the one watching them.

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