Capture the beauty, Dylan Ricci

The erotic art work of Dylan Ricci has a marvelous tension and a great concentration towards the expression of the human body. I really like the way he poses his models in dynamical positions and the usage of asymmetrical compositions. It boosts live into his work and makes the body experienced as an ever changing, strong mass.

With the couples photo’s he literally combines two body’s as if it was one integrated shape. Where the body parts of the individuals are contributing to the composition as a whole. The warm soft light with the dark contrasting background gives the body shape and muscles an extra accent and an personal erotic touch.

Artist’s Statement

“Male Nude Photography” means more than just pictures of pretty boys in white underpants, or mass produced homo-erotica. My hope is that through my photographs people might appreciate the male body as something perfect, pure and incredibly beautiful, as a piece of art.

I really recommend the artists website, it’s very well designed, with a free large gallery section for you to enjoy.

Dylan Ricci Male Nude Photography


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