Muscle Men

With a sculptors eye he captures the tension of the muscles like a modern Bernini, his intense focus on purity, strength and sensuality is incomparable. Some of his images are almost anatomical studies to get in line with his hunger for knowledge, while others have a great intrinsic expression. The muscle men of Dylan Ricci are anonymous figures of masculinity, without a face to hide their true identity, the identity of the master himself.

I intentionally use the word ‘men’ instead of ‘man’ or the artists name. The images of Ricci are just more than one person or an individuals sexual or physical expression, they become something of their own, they are almost icons of all things male.

Dylan Ricci just send me some of his new work, a part of his previous work is in the ‘Capture the beauty’ gallery on our site, and maybe the focus is even stronger, if such a thing is possible.

The art of Male nude photography, Dylan Ricci’s website


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